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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Best (music) Albums of the 1990's part 3

30.The Prodigy - The Fat of the Land -1997 -USA

Why: Probably the best album from The Prodigy.Heavy use of samples, which was innovate for the time, and at that time the band were the leaders in electronic/dance music. There's enough rock in it to appeal to a mass audience (of rock listeners) and that caused enough buying to send electronica mainstream.

Example Tracks: Breathe, Firestarter, Smack My Bitch Up

29. Weezer -Weezer(the blue album) -1994 -USA

Why: Geek rock. The only people singing about love songs that weren't thoroughly depressing in the grunge early 90's. Not that they didn't channel that heartbreak-emo vibe, they just didn't sound like they didn't. Because they had the melodic ideal.

Example Tracks: Buddy Holly,Say It Ain't So

28. Manic Street Preachers - The Holy Bible -1994 -Wales

Why: A bit of depression and anxiety, a bit of anti-right-wing totalitarianism and overall concern about the bleak state of the world. It's a work of genius which makes you realize that you're alive despite everything about the album pointing to the fact that it's a sad, cold world.

Example Tracks: Revol, The Intense Humming of Evil

27. Bob Dylan - Time out of Mind -1997- USA

Why: They say it's Dylan's comeback album, though he'd never been gone. Half of it is definitely back to the blues and the other half is the internal working inspections which characterize recent Dylan. The anguish of old age? Maybe not, but the age is sounding in Dylan's voice

Example Tracks: Make You Feel My love, Not Dark Yet

26.Ready to Die - The Notorious B.I.G. -1994 -USA

Why: The debut of Biggie. The revival of East Coast hip-hop. Easy to understand lyrics because of the mutli-level rhymes and superior flow. The portrait of a life that deals with drug dealing, crime and violence understandably carries a dark tone, which only adds realism to an already vivid portrayal.

Example Tracks: Things Done Changed, Big Poppa, Suicidal Thoughts

25. Metallica - Metallica (the black album) -1991 -USA

Why: Simplified for the mainstream. And it worked. Usually that's a bad thing. But not always. And this is one of those times. It was slower and less thrash metal, but heavier and deeper themes . It's the first Metallica album that's very easy to relate to in it's entirety.

Example Tracks: Enter Sandman,Nothing Else Matters,The Unforgiven

24. Lauryn Hill- The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill -1998 - USA

why: The debut and only album Lauryn ever released. So far. But it's so good that you wish she'd get back to the studio. R&b, hip-hop,soul and reggae; topics such as love, God, motherhood and tensions in The Fugees. It's a powerful,souful album that moves between many different forms and topics seamlessly.

Example Tracks: Final Hour, Doo Wop (that Thing)

23. Radiohead- The Bends- England -1995

Why: The 90's and Radiohead only resulted in excellent albums. This was when they started the multi-level sounds and the lyrics that are extremely confusing. Singing high notes to lots of guitars playing started here and without this, there wouldn't be half the popular music of today.

Example tracks: Fake Plastic Trees, Street Spirit (Fade Out)

22. Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machine -1992 -USA

Why: Very heavy and one of the first popular rap-metal albums, widely viewed as the album that made the genre noticeable. Very political (and critical) lyrics mixed with funk and metal guitar sounds make it fun to listen to as well as intellectual.

Example Tracks: Wake Up, Killing in The Name, Bullet in the Head

21. The Smashing Pumpkins -Siamese Dream -1993 -USA

Why: Too much genres merge into this album to be counted, which works because the music is very complex and detailed with lots of production effort to create. Intertwined with melodramatic and intensely emotional lyrics, its an excellent album.

Example Tracks: Cherub Rock, Geek U.S.A, Rocket

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