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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

penne con funghi/ pasta pomodoroi (variation)

penne con funghi/ pasta pomodoroi (variation) – Pasta with mushrooms and tomatoes


1. Boil water till rolling boil

2. Throw in pack of Barilla penne pasta

3. Add salt to taste( maybe a teaspoon)

4. Add a few drops of olive oil

5. Stir occasionally

6. When pasta floats to top, give it 3 minutes

7. Remove, strain and douse with cold water.


1. Dice one large onion

2. Sautee in olive oil (don’t fry till it gets brown, allow some crispness to remain) with basil and oregano

3. Fry two cloves of (grated) garlic together with the onions.

4. Add in chopped mushrooms (and possibly tofu, if desired).

5. Add dried bell peppers and paprika.

6. Allow mushrooms to fry

7. Lower heat to med-low

8. Add half can of Hunt’s diced tomatoes (or dice tomatoes yourself?)

9. Add parmesan cheese (grated) to taste


1. Combine pasta and mushrooms in large pot on med-low heat

2. Add other half of can of diced tomatoes

3. add grated mozzarella

4. add diced red peppers/ green peppers

5. combine all together. Top with fresh basil and grated parmesan

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