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Monday, November 7, 2011

Coldplay- The setlist

I was thinking about going to see Coldplay live. And then, following from that, I was thinking of what songs I'd want to hear most (if I got to control the setlist). This is that list.
-Usually on the Viva La Vida Tour they did around 25 songs. So that's the number I'm going with. In order of Album release, not order to be played in

From Parachutes

1. Yellow
2. Shiver

From A Rush of Blood to the Head

3. The Scientist
4. God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
5. Clocks
6.Warning Sign
7. A Rush of Blood to the Head

From X&Y

8. What If
9.Fix You
10.A Message
11. The Hardest Part
12.Swallowed in the Sea

From Viva La Vida

13. 42
14. Lost !
15. Lovers in Japan
16. Viva La Vida
17. Violet Hill

From Mylo Xyloto

18.Hurts Like Heaven
19. Charlie Brown
20. Paradise
21. Don't Let it Break Your Heart
22. Us Against The World

Encore Set:

23. Wedding Bells (Non-Album)
24.Amsterdam ( from A Rush of Blood to the Head)
25. Glass of Water ( From Prospekt's March EP)

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