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Monday, October 29, 2012

Desert Island Discs picks

I've been irregularly listening to Desert Island Discs since about 2008 (weirdly enough it's my grandfather that put me on to it. Guess he used to talk to the Brits about BBC Radio back in the day). I always thought it was a cool concept (format outlined below) and I was supposed to (try to) determine my picks. So here goes:


Guests are invited to imagine themselves cast away on a desert island, and to choose eight pieces of music, originally gramophone records, to take with them; discussion of their choices permits a review of their life. Excerpts from their choices are played or, in the case of short pieces, the whole work. At the end of the programme they choose the one piece they regard most highly. They are then asked which book they would take with them; they are automatically given the Complete Works of Shakespeare and either the Bible or another appropriate religious or philosophical work.
Guests also choose one luxury, which must be inanimate and of no use in escaping the island or allowing communication from outside. 

^ From Wikipedia, obviously.

Book: In Search of Lost Time (A la recherche du Temps Perdu) by Marcel Proust ( translation by C.K. Scott Moncrief). I'm going to be greedy and get the English and French versions (if  the presenter allows it) so I can kill time by seeing how well the translation is.

Luxury: Endless supply of footballs

Religious Text: Ramayana (Usually they give the Bhagavad Gita but I lean toward the narrative epic more than the discourse/ dialogue, though I suppose if I took the Mahabharata I'd get both forms of writing). English and Hindi/Tamil/Sanskrit version needed obviously since my knowledge of Indian languages is poor and reading ability non-existent.

Record Choices:

  1. John Coltrane - Equinox  ( from the album Coltrane's Sound (1964) )
  2. Bruce Springsteen - Racing in the Street ( from the album Darkness on the Edge of Town (1978) )
  3. Journey - Don't Stop Believing ( from the album Escape (1981) )
  4. Bob Marley & The Wailers - No Woman, No Cry ( from the album Live! (1975) , originally on Natty Dread (1974) )
  5. Coldplay - The Scientist ( from the album A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002) )
  6. Sergio Mendes - Mas que Nada ( from the album  Herp Albert Presents (1966) )
  7. Oasis - Stop Crying Your Heart Out ( from the album Heathen Chemistry (2002) )
  8. Between the Buried and Me - Selkies: The Endless Obsession ( from the album Alaska (2005) )

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