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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Things I always Tell myself I will do After Exams End

I'm in the middle of exams and as always when I'm closer to the end than the start (one more week to go. finally) I always start thinking of what I'll do when exams are done. Like if there'll be this big change or new era that dawns when I have so much time free that I spend studying before exams. Usually never happens but I figured I'd list them. Maybe if they're visible and not mental I might stick to it more.

1. Sleep at a reasonable hour and for more than four hours a day

2. Eat proper meals at regular times with good nutrition

3. Following from 1&2, go gym regularly with no skipping days. Keep track of workouts. Try to progress. No cheats and slacking off or lazy days.

4. Read more

5. Write more

6. Try to figure out what I want to do, where I want to be in the next 5 years. Where to apply for postgrad research studies. What to apply to study. Do I want to study Creative Writing or Finance?

7. Practice playing guitar until I'm somewhat decent. Practice playing bass until I'm better than decent.

8. Run 5 miles in less than 35 minutes. Complete a lap of UWI in less than 9 minutes.

9. Don't skip days of football. Actually develop some level of control.

10. Perfect a backflip to go with a frontflip.

11. Learn to bake. Cheesecake mainly. Only cheesecake. Maybe a coffee crumble

12. Travel. This is the only one that usually works out. I feel like I need to fly somewhere every six months or so.

13. Learn a foreign language, leaning towards German or Portuguese.

14. Perfect my 3 point shot

15. Not waste hours watching films on the laptop.

16. Attempt to figure out if my sister is sane. Signs suggest not a chance.

17. Go to temple more regularly.

18. Attempt to deconstruct why poetry is good when it is good, instead of just being able to realize when is without understanding why.

19. Figure out a decent thesis proposal in case I really want to study Econ or Finance. Probably with football and financial fair play. Or value of goals and who is the best value striker wrt wages vs revenue creation.

20. Complete a manuscript in case I decide I want to do a MFA in Creative Writing. One that people won't believe a non-Humanities student created.


  1. I have a list like this right now! Travel is ranking high up there for me and also, I think baking seems to be the easiest. You just need a good recipe

  2. I still can't bake. Did manage to get some decent travelling done though