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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Seminal novels that the author could have retired on (part 1)

The logic of this post is to list some novels that the author could have published and that'd have been enough to set them up as major in the writing history, even if they do have lots of other great works. Like Cervantes with Don Quixote . I'm going with books published after 1950. Some of these will probably be the only good book the author really did (like  Catch 22).

In no particular order:

10. The Tin Drum (Die Blechtrommel )- 1959- Germany - German by Günter Grass

9. One Hundred Years of Solitude ( Cien años de soledad) - 1967- Colombia- Spanish by Gabriel Garcia Marquez 

8. Midnight's Children -1981- United Kingdom - English by  Salman Rushdie

7.  On the Road - 1957 - United States of America- English by Jack Kerouac 

6. Catch-22 -1961- United States of America- English by Joseph Heller

5. Lord of the Flies - 1954- United Kingdom- English  by  William Golding

4. Beloved - 1987- United States of America - English by Toni Morisson

3. Things Fall Apart - 1958 - Nigeria - English by Chinua Achebe

2. Invisible Man - 1952 - United States of America- English by Ralph Ellison

1. Lolita - 1955- France- English by Vladimir Nabokov

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