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Thursday, November 26, 2009

best comedians of the decade

criteria : must do stand-up comedy. only judged from stand up and sketch .

10.Demetri Martin

why: He likes constructing palindromes. That's reason enough. Uses all sorts of visual aids and sketches. Great with the one liners too. Most unconventional comedian since Gallagher.Maybe.

9. Russell Brand

why: Obnoxious, loud and very strange. Known as much for his off stage antics than his comedy. But one of the best young 'angry' comedians out there. Although there's a sneaking suspicion the accent makes him cool (er).

8. Robin Williams

why: Back in2002 with LIVE on Broadway, the show broke several records for a comedy show. Showed he's still funny, hasn't let success go to his head and can still make it all up on the spot.

7. Ricky Gervais

why: In the Office for the first part of the century, everywhere else for the last. Most people know him for his film roles, but he's great on the stage too. Doesn't shy away from the controversial topics. And it isn't everyone who can makes (good) comedy about Nazis, the Holocaust, AIDS and religion.

6. David Cross:

why: The man who brought out 'indie comedy'. Usually known for his satires on politics , he was one of the first comedians to start referencing 9/11 in his act.

5. Mitch Hedberg

why: Died halfway through the decade, but still managed to be influential in five years. With his surreal humour, non -sequiturs and deadpan deliver, Hedberg has become a cult classic. ( even more so because of his drug related demise)

4. Patton Oswalt

why: Convinced everything is ridiculous, and everything includes him too. Everything from pop culture to American foreign policy is in his stand -up routine, and no one ever made cuneiform script seem so funny. (and he was the rat in Ratatouille)

3.Russell Peters

why: Nobody else ever made the phrase " 34.50" funny before he did. Never spares anyone , once there's something funny he's observed he'll make fun of it. And he'll make fun of himself too - especially because he's an Indian guy with the name Russell Peters.

2. Dave Chappelle

why: Sketch comedy series of the decade with " Chapelle's show''. Man who gave us the line ' I'm Rick James bitch'. Every sketch he has is dead on, and even though he knows people sometimes won't get it, he won't compromise. And he did a six hour show that's funny from start to finish. (Dane Cook did a seven hour show that didn't even have a half hour of good material).

1. Chris Rock

why: Acting, screenwriting ,directing and producing. Doesn't have a lot of free time but still managed to release 'Never Scared' and "Kill the Messenger' and go on worldwide tours. Been around for a long time and his comedy has grown up too, without losing what made him so funny to start with.

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  1. For me Jim Carrey is the best comedians and actor. He is very smart, I love him. Usually I never miss any chance to view his performances. Next month there is a live show in NYC and I am definitely going there.