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Thursday, February 18, 2010

oscar predictions-2010-film awards (II)

  • Best Animated Feature
Most likely winner : Up- Pete Docter. Pixar Studios maintains a standard. These are the people who made Finding Nemo , The Incredibles ,Ratatouille & Wall-E (all previous winners of the award). It's safe to say they have pedigree.Up is also one of the best films of the last year, animated or not. A winner at the Golden Globes and the first animated nominee since Beauty and the Beast for the Best Picture Oscar.

Backup Pick : Fantastic Mr. Fox- Wes Anderson. The best stop motion film to be released in a long time. You could even say it brought back a dying style. Huge all-star cast and a highly acclaimed director, with the story adapted from a Roald Dahl children's classic. If not for Up it was a sure win.

Most deserving (My pick): Up - Pete Docter. A great story, totally original. A completely unlikely premise and an equally unlikely cats of characters. Another win for the imagination of the men from Pixar.

  • Best Foreign Language Film
Most likely winner :Das wei├če Band (the white ribbon) -Micheal Haneke -Germany. Perfectly cast, perfectly acted. Great narration with a feel like a novel. Haneke has had great acclaim for earlier films such as Cache and The Piano Teacher and looks likely to win a first Oscar for this film about children in a German village prior to world war I, which the director describes as a film about the origin of terrorism.

Backup Pick : Un Prophete (A Prophet) -Jacques Audiard -France. A crime-drama prison movie, set in France. The Corsician Mafia plays a large part in this. But the majority of the movie is about identity and icons, of the Arab population in France.

Most deserving (My pick): Un Prophete (A Prophet) -Jacques Audiard -France. While it isn't particularly realistic, it's time people actually realized a lot of Arabs live in France.And by people I mean filmmakers. The director said the film "creating icons, images for people who don't have images, the Arabs in France"

  • Best Picture
Most likely winner : Avatar. Biggest box office hit of all time.James Cameron's first movie in 12 years. SFX like nothing else before.And a win at the Golden Globes too. If the Academy isn't dazzled by that they're a lot more sensible that I thought.

Backup Pick : The Hurt Locker. Finally a good realistic movie about the Iraq war.From the American point of view,it's true. But the soldiers point of view. No government or political agenda. No demonizing of the opposition force.And captures perfectly the high intensity, tension filled life of explosives experts.

Most deserving (My pick): The Hurt Locker. It's the best movie of the year.That's reason enough.

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