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Monday, March 21, 2011

Best (music) Albums of the 1990's part 1

I find myself listening to albums more these days, instead of just getting the songs that I want. I think it's because albums are easier to get now than songs. Listening to albums brings back the era of actually listening to (usually borrowed) CD's. Which leads straight into this list.

50.Jagged Little Pill - Alanis Morissette - 1996- Canada

Why: Excessively popular and serious feminist music. Sounds like it'd be horrible right? It isn't. The whole emotional outlet after a bitter breakup theme, that's pretty much universal. The music is pretty much standard alt but give this one a listen cause of the lyrical content.

Example Tracks : You Oughta Know, You Learn

49. Pearl Jam - Vitalogy -1994 -USA

Why: Released on vinyl. In the 90's. That's awesome. It's a half and half album. Some of the the songs carry on from ten and those are exceptional. The experimental tracks are hit-and-miss though. The entire tortured-depression of Pearl Jam is still there and the anthems of this album are pretty much classic.

Example Tracks: Corduroy,Nothingman.

48.Red Hot Chili Peppers- Californication -1999- USA

Why: The return of John Frusciante. A (partial) departure from the relaxed funk-style classic of RHCP. More introspective than other albums but still full of innuendo as always. Excellent in a lot of ways, not the least being you don't expect this level of soul-searching from RHCP.

Example Tracks: Scar Tissue , Otherside

47.The Verve -Urban Hymns - 1997 -England

Why: That whole highly complex symphonic arrangements were as original as it got. The whole immersion in music that Animal Collective or Groove Armada does can probably trace back to this. The lyrics, as always with Richard Ashcroft, are evocative and brilliant.

Example Tracks: Bittersweet Symphony, The Drugs Don't Work

46. Oasis - Definitely Maybe -1994 - England

Why: The debut. And it was good. Nearly every song is a classic. It signaled the start of superstardom for Oasis. Fuelled by the lyrics of Noel Gallagher (as would all other albums that followed), the brash but freeing do-what-you-want attitude was there from the go.

Example Tracks: Live Forever, Supersonic

45. Blink 182 -Enema of The State- 1999- USA

why: A pop-punk landmark. The album that sent that genre to the mainstream. Full of songs which make it seem like you'd never want to grow up, but occasionally addressing serious topics too (Adam's Song). High energy and lots of fun.

Example tracks: What's My Age Again?, All the Small Things

44.Eminem - Slim Shady -1999 -USA

why: Sex, drugs and copious swearing. The over-the-top exaggerated Slim Shady character was extremely memorable and sent Eminem to stardom. This album was so definitive in his rise most people think it's his debut.

Example tracks: My Name Is, Just Don't Give A Fuck

43.Rage Agaisnt The Machine - The Battle of Los Angeles - 1999

Why: Straight from the influence of Orwell's 1984 comes this album. Dystopian, noisy rap-metal. Full of the usual RATM political messages and dissatisfaction, we're still waiting for a follow-up.

Example Tracks: Testify, Calm Like A Bomb

42. Alice in Chains -Dirt -1992 -USA

why: The most intense and dark album from Alice in Chains. The songs were brutal but applicable. The entire concept of drug addiction and the disasters that go along with it are made relevant even to people who have no idea of drug culture. Because poignant lyrics are work anywhere.

Example Tracks: Them Bones, Would?

41.Snoop Doggy Dogg - Doggystyle -1993-USA

why: The debut of one of the most recognizable flows in rap. Introducing the G-funk style and lyrical realism to the masses. It's gansta rap but it's playful and funny too, as no one but Snoop can merge. There was a lot of hype before this album and Snoop delivers

Example Tracks: Gin and Juice, Who Am I (What's My Name?)

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