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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A list about the most depressing bands/artists ever part 3

Criteria: My list, my rules. As always. The artist/band has to have two albums from which songs can be picked (off as a minimum). The songs can't be the only depressing song on a happy album (i.e Where is the Love on Elephunk by The Black Eyed Peas , possibly their only good song.) To block that the album needs a minimum of two depressy songs on it, but a max of four or half of 'A rush of blood to the head' will have to be listed. I'm not going to justify why the songs are depressing,I'll just find youtube links.

The list

25. Sting - Reggae and up tempo with The Police. But manages haunting too. I think I Sting's voice just has range.

Album 1: The Dream of The Blue Turtles -1985

Reference Tracks

(a) If You Love Someone Set Them Free
(b) Fortress Around Your Heart

Album 2 : Ten Summoner's Tales -1993

reference Tracks

(a) Fields of Gold
(b) She's Too Good For Me

Album 3 : Brand New Day -1999

Reference Tracks

(a) Desert Rose
(b) Perfect Love.. Gone Wrong

24. The Beatles - The Beatles can do it all. Fun, depressing; whatever. Because they're the best

Album 1: A Hard Day's Night -1964

(a) And I Love Her
(b) I'll Cry Instead

Album 2: Help! -1965

(a) You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
(b) I need You

Album 3 : Revolver - 1966

(a) Elanor Rigby
(b) For You

23. John Legend- The newest piano-based soul man. With the most depressing lyrics and the voice to match.

Album 1: Get Lifted -2004

(a) Ordinary People
(b) Used to Love U

Album 2 :

(a) Everybody Knows
(b) If you're Out There

22. Norah Jones - The slow raspy jazz voice manages to convey emotions that don't always reflect the lyrics

Album 1 :

(a) Don't Know Why
(b) Come Away With Me

Album 2:

(a) Until The End
(b) Thinking About You
(c) It's Not too late

21. Adele -
New, young and with a voice as powerful as Aretha Franklin's. She's gonna be a huge star.

Album 1 : 19

(a) Hometown Glory
(b) Melt My Heart to Stone

Album 2: 21

(a) Someone Like You
(b)Take it All

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