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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Best Tracks of 2013 (part 2)

In no particular order (well, maybe a little order) and very haphazardly chosen and described. Which tends to apply to most of my lists. It's gonna be cross a lot of genres but obviously I don't listen to everything so I'm not going to have any dancehall or country on here (fair warning). Heavily influenced by other end-of-year lists, because really without those how else am I going to find half of these tracks? They sure aren't playing on the radio....

 40. Rich Homie Quan - Type of Way

I didn't even realize this wasn't a Future song till almost October. It definitely has that chopped-up, sorta electric/autotune warble finish to it. It's one of those songs you know are in English but can't figure out all the words and still find yourself singing along. Catchy and cause I still can't figure out all the lyrics it's either serious or silly either of which works.

39. Robin Thicke ft. T.I. and Pharell - Blurred Lines

Could not stop humming this. It was everywhere and extra catchy. Granted it had a beat that sounded part Marvin Gaye (Got to Give It Up) and part Sanford and Son opening theme but somehow that works (or works because of it?). Lots of controversy since apparently it promotes rape culture but that's been debated to death. Personally I like my R&B a little bit racy and this track just rides the line of "you gotta be cool to pull this off". And they pull it off.

38. Disclosure ft London Grammar - Help Me Lose My Mind

I am completely in love with Hannah Reid's lyrical and vocal ability, as well as the garage/house beats being put out by Disclosure (UK has always had an the only garage music worth listening too for long, usually). The ethereal lyrics find a perfectly futuristic beat which is equally comfortable for lazing sprawling on the bed contemplating life or losing yourself at 2am on a nightclub dance floor.

37.  Lil Durk - Dis Aint What You Want

21 years old and a whole lot of trouble. Must be a Chicago thing. And he drops the line "I can't do no shows cause I terrify my city". A song where it spouts indifference on the listeners and on fame except it feels very real not a front. The entire backing beat is sparse which works with Durk's rapping style of short phrases delivered for impact.

36. Ciara - Body Party

Finally a good sex jam. It had been starting to seem only R. Kelly could make tracks like this. There's also a bit of Janet Jackson influence here too. It's a very light song with a slowed down sample of "My Boo" that's a clever idea to use cause 90's nostalgia is high now. The song itself just speaks of un-hide-able and un-miss-able fun. Very sensuous.

35. Earl Sweatshirt ft Frank Ocean - Sunday

This song is raw, really raw (which means Frank Ocean is a perfect accompaniment, even if it's weird to hear him rapping). I hope we get more of the both of them (Super Rich Kids was great too). There's a mix of aggression and despair through Earl's verse but Frank's is all call-out's and aggressive superiority which, like the rapping, is very unusual yet works so well.

34. A$AP Ferg ft A$AP Rocky - Shabba

I'm glad for any reason to call out "Shabba" like it's the 90s (yeah, the 90s nostalgia has hit me too). Hilariously ridden with one liners and a feat of bravado and charisma. This is the kind of track that could easily be unlistenable if you miss the line but they pull it off. Plus they actually get Shabba to feature on the remix. Brilliant. An excellently hilarious (and accurate) tribute to Shabba by breaking him down to "8 gold rings+4 gold chains + 2 bad bitches + one gold tooth". And they get the Caribbean slang down excellent (usually Americans make it ridiculous)

33.Chvrches - The Mother We Share

Electropop is a personal favourite and this band, with the beautifully upbeat vocals of Lauren Mayberry, are an encompassing melodic treat, nowhere seen as clearly as on this track. The lyrics are caustic and bitter but you'd never tell just from the synth, pumped beat. As many people have noted, there's a lot of influence of The Knife, which I say can only be a good thing.  And also they sound as good live as studio which, considering the style, is no easy task.

32. My Bloody Valentine - Only Tomorrow

One of my favourite albums during the 90s was Loveless  and the best track I'd thought was "Only Shallow". I didn't have high expectations when they got back together and put out a new album (how often is that good?). I was wrong. The album is excellent. This track is covered with a huge noise of sound that makes everything else seem muted. It's the kind of song you daydream/reflect to. A very dense track with heavy guitar and the always incomparable vocals of Bilinda Butcher making you feel both like it's from the 90s and it's recent.

31.Tegan and Sara - Closer

Good music from Calgary? Who'd have guessed? But they are good.  It's all pop and disco and synth and quite a rush. Finds that mix of suggestive and naughty with having a good time. And it manages to sound every bit as good stripped down as well.

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