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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A list about the most depressing bands/artists ever (pt 1)

Criteria: My list, my rules. As always. The artist/band has to have two albums from which songs can be picked (off as a minimum). The songs can't be the only depressing song on a happy album (i.e Where is the Love on Elephunk by The Black Eyed Peas , possibly their only good song.) To block that the album needs a minimum of two depressy songs on it, but a max of four or half of 'A rush of blood to the head' will have to be listed. I'm not going to justify why the songs are depressing,I'll just find youtube links.

The list - Probably not that much in order.

35. Avenged Sevenfold -
Noisy, brash, loud, dark and gloomy. Probably going to get even gloomier with the passing of The Rev

Album 1 : City Of Evil -2005

Reference Tracks

(a) Seize The Day

(b) Bat Country

Album 2 : Avenged Sevenfold - 2007

Reference tracks

(a) Dear God

34.Wilco - In the later albums, most of the time I have no idea what they're on about. So I guess it's depressing music more than lyrics.

Album 1 : A.M. - 1995

Reference Tracks

(a) Too Far Apart

(b) Should Have been In Love
Album 2 : Summerteeth -1999

Reference Tracks

(a) I'm Always in Love

(b) We're Just Friends

(c)When You wake Up feeling Old

Album 3: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot -2002

Reference Tracks

(a) I am Trying To Break Your Heart
(b) Jesus, Etc
Album 4 : Sky Blue Sky - 2007

Reference Tracks

(a) Impossible Germany

(b) Hate it Here

(c)Leave Me Like You Found Me

33.Arcade Fire -
The darlings of the indie- rock world. And with good reason. Probably going to hit mainstream in a big way after the Grammy win for 'Album of the Year'.

Album 1 : Funeral -2004

Reference Tracks

(a) Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)

(b) Rebellion (Lies)

Album 2 : Neon Bible -2007

Reference tracks

(a) My Body Is a Cage

Album 3 : The Suburbs - 2010

Reference Tracks

(a) We Used to Wait

(b)Ready To Start

32. Yeah Yeah Yeahs -
The best indie trio about right now? With songs of angst and lost love

Album 1 : Fever to tell -2003

Reference Tracks

(a) Maps

(b)Date With the Night

Album 2 : Show Your Bones -2006

Reference Tracks

(a) Way Out

(b) The Sweets

31. Audioslave - Came from an angry group (Rage Against the Machine) and a grunge-downer one (Soundgarden). Had to be here.

Album 1: Audioslave - 2003

Reference Tracks

(a)Show Me How to Live

(b) Shadow on the Sun

(c) What You Are

Album 2: Out of Exile -2005

Reference Tracks

(a)Yesterday to Tomorrow

(b) Heaven's Dead

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