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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

a list about roles which changed the way you looked at the actor/actress (post 1988)

Roles that made you reconsider the way you looked at the actor/actress. as in you didnt realize they were that could, or could even play that sort of role. breakthrough performances are another category. more a list of actors breaking out of their accustomed roles. post 1990

22.Sergi Lopez - pon's labryinth,dirty pretty things.
21.audrey tatou -À la folie... pas du tou
20.tom hakns- road to peridtion
19.tom cruise - collateral
18.christopher walken - hairspray
17.ben kingsley - sexy beast
16.natalie portman- closer
15.jack palanche - city slicker
14.bruce willis -die hard
13. anne hathaway - rachel getting married
12. reese witherspoon- walk the line
11-. jim carrey- eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
10. Jamie Fox -Ray
9. Charlize Theron - Monster
8.Tom Hanks- Big
7. Robin Williams - dead poets society.
6. javier bardem - no country for old men.
5. heath ledger - batman & brokeback mountain
4.ryan gosling - half nelson
3.ellyn burnstein - requim for a dream
2eddie murphy - dreamgirls
1. Robert de Niro - stardust

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