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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

most polarizing footballers.

as would say- this list is satirical (mostly anyway).Criteria for selection- must be an active player during world cup 2006(club or country).(so no complaints about leaving out Baggio and Maradona).

in no particular order:

16. Cristiano Ronaldo - Winger/Forward - Real Madrid

supporters : people who like tricks, people who like one man shows, women, people who like great free kicks

haters: people who like team play, people who don't appreciate divers, homophobics, people who expect players to win back the ball when they lose it instead of turning away and shrugging.

15. David Beckham -Midfielder/Winger- LA Galaxy

supporters: women, people who appreciate a good free kick, any fashion designer who gets him to wear their outfits

haters: people who think going to MLS was a sellout for the $$, people who expect professionals to do more than deliver a good free kick, premier league goalkeepers (1993-2003) & primera liga goalkeepers (2003-2007)

14. Filippo Inzaghi- Striker- AC Milan

supporters: people who judge by goals only; people who want to be professionals but are too lazy to run, young players who think they've seen a way around running back to defend, people who appreciate positioning

haters: coaches who have to modify their offside trap, people who appreciate teamwork, every defender in Serie A since 1995, people who don't like to see players fall over 10 times a game

13. Ronaldo - Striker -Corinthians

supporters: people who credit him with bringing futsal skills to the pitch, Karim Benzema, Kaka, Zlatan Ibrahimovic ,knee surgeons

haters: Ac Milan and Inter Milan supporters ( possibly the only thing they agree on), people who don't like fat people, some Brazilians who still haven't forgiven him for catching a fit and then requesting to still play during World Cup 1998.

12.Owen Hargreaves - Midfielder/defender - Manchester United

supporters: people who appreciate player who can play anywhere, England fans after 2006, the entire football watching population of Canada

haters: English fans before 2006, Bayern fans who think he jumped ship because they didn't qualify for the Champions league, people who think a Canadian that learnt to play in Germany and is an English international is breaking some sort of illegibility rule.

11. Sergio Ramos Full back- Real Madrid

supporters: people who believe in attacking full backs, people who like goal-scoring defenders, the Spanish National team staff who called him up at 18

haters: people who expect defenders to defend, people who appreciate clean tackling; Real Madrid fans who can't figure why he got Hierro's old number

10. Emerson - Defensive Midfielder - Santos

supporters: Roma , Juventus, Real Madrid and AC Milan managers; people who think Il Puma is a cool nickname, people who want to be professionals but have no talent and need an idol

haters: Roma,Juventus,Real Madrid and AC Milan fans; people who still aren't sure what he does, people who think professionals should be able to contribute something to their team

9. Wayne Rooney - Forward- Manchester United

supporters: English fans, people who are nostalgic for the times when center forwards were large and had no tricks, people who think being large is a skill.

haters:Everton fans, people who think footballers should have discipline, people who think a mutli-million dollar deal for a 24 year old's autobiography is insanity.

8. Ashley Cole - Fullback - Chelsea

supporters: Arsenal fans before 2005, Chelsea fans?

Haters: Cheryl Cole fans, people who think footballers are money hungry(complaining about £55000 a week) , people who think the transfer market needs restructuring, Arsenal fans after 2005

7. Gennaro Gattuso - Defensive Midfielder - AC Milan

supporters : people who like aggressive tackling, people who appreciate hard work, primary school players who think they can build a career by running to anywhere the ball is

haters: people who appreciate discipline, attack minded football fans, people who don't appreciate watching pants- less players running around after a World Cup final.

6. Marco Materazzi - Centre back - Inter Milan

supporters : Italian fans during world cup 2006 who think getting Zidane sent off was the best tactical move ever, people who like goal scoring defenders, tattoo artists

haters: people who expect defenders to be able to tackle cleanly, every supporter of Zidane, people who think he epitomises the worst of Italian football.

5.Ronaldinho - Attacking Midfeilder - AC Milan

supporters: people who like tricks (before 2006), people who think talent alone can't keep you at the top (after 2006), nightclub owners

haters: defenders around the world (2002-2006), everyone that has ever been told 'braces are necessary', Dunga

Peter Crouch - Striker - Tottenham Hotspur


haters: the football watching population of Trinidad and Tobago, people who think someone that tall should be able to header properly,

3. Karim Benzema - Striker - Real Madrid

supporters : Lyon fans, fans of unorthodox players, people who want to be professionals but don't want to play the same way as everyone else.

haters: France fans (who want to see a performance like he does for Lyon), current Real Madrid fans , Algerian fans who wanted him in their team

2.Oliver Kahn - Goalkeeper - Bayern Munich

supporters: German fans( especially during 2002 world cup), Bayern Munich fans (especially during 2001 Champions league), anyone who's ever wanted to cheat on their wife with someone they met in a club & needed a role model.

Haters: Jens Lehmann, opposition strikers, people who don't approve of extra marital affairs.

1. Didier Drogba - Striker - Chelsea

supporters: people who like big fowards, people who judge by goals,

haters: people who don't appreciate diving, people who think that slapping someone is a stupid way to get sent off, people who think throwing coins is stupid, people who dont appreciate foul language on live TV


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