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Friday, May 25, 2012

A list about potential future Nobel Prize winners (part I)

Disclaimer: I'm sure there will be many authors I've missed out simply because I haven't heard of them. It is impossible for me to read anything not published or translated into English or French. Or works that I cannot get a hold of even if translations exist ( the book market in Trinidad is a bit limited. It's not a perfect world). I'm making guesses with the material I have and hopefully the guesses are good. In no particular order:

12. Chinua Achebe - Nigeria

Language : English

Genres: Poems; Short Stories; Essays; Novels

Reference Works: Things Fall Apart (1958); A Man of the People (1966); Hopes and Impediments (1988)

11. E.L. Doctorow - United States of America

Language: English

Genre: Novels, Essays, Short Stories, Plays

Reference Works: The Book of Daniel (1971); Ragtime (1975); The March (2005)

10. Yasar Kemal - Turkey

Language : Turkish

Genre: Novel, Plays

Reference Works: Memed, My Hawk (1955); Teneke (1955); The Legend of the Thousand Bulls (1971)

9. Yves Bonnefoy - France

Language: French

Genre: Essays, Poetry

Reference Works: L'arriere Pays (1971); Recits en reve (1987); La Pluie d'ete (1999)

8. Seigfried Lenz -  Germany

Language : German

Genre: Essays, Short Stories, Plays, Novels

Reference Works: The German Lesson (1968); Training Ground (1981); Ludmilla (1996)

7. Adunis - Syria

Language : Arabic

Genre: Poems, Essays

Reference Works: Songs of Mihyar the Damascene (1960); Transformations of the Lover (1982);The Pages of Day and Night (1994)

6.  Bei Dao - China

Language : Chinese

Genre: Poems, Short Stories, Essays

Reference Works: Waves (1990); Forms of Distance (1994);Unlock (2000)

5. John Ashbery - United States of America

Language: English

Genre: Poems

Reference Works: The Tennis Court Oath (1962); Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror(1975); Chinese Whispers (2002)

4. Amin Maalouf -Lebanon/France

Language : French

Genre: Novels

Reference Works: Samarkand (1988); Les Jardins de lumiere (1991); Le Periple de Baldassare (2000)

3. Milan Kundera - Czech Republic/ France

Language: Czech, French

Genre: Poems, Plays, Short Stories, Essays, Novels

Reference Works: The Book of Laughter and Forgetting (1978); The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1984); Le Rideau (2005)

2. Haruki Murakami - Japan

Language: Japanese

Genre: Novels, Short Stories, Essays

Reference Works: Norwegian Wood (1987); The Elephant Vanishes (1993); Kakfa on the Shore (2002);What I Talk About When I talk About Running (2007)

1. Alice Munro - Canada

Language: English

Genre: Short Stories

Reference Works: Dance of the Happy Shades (1968); The Progress of Love (1986); Runaway (2004)

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