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Sunday, May 27, 2012

A list about potential future Nobel Prize winners (part III)

Disclaimer: I'm sure there will be many authors I've missed out simply because I haven't heard of them. It is impossible for me to read anything not published or translated into English or French. Or works that I cannot get a hold of even if translations exist ( the book market in Trinidad is a bit limited. It's not a perfect world). I'm making guesses with the material I have and hopefully the guesses are good. In no particular order:

12. David Malouf - Australia

Language: English

Genre: Novels; Short Stories; Plays; Poetry

Reference Works: The Great World (1990); Remembering Babylon (1993); The Complete Stories (2007)

11. Assia Djebar - Algeria

Language : French

Genre: Novels; Essays; Short Stories

Reference Works: Les Impatients (1958); Loin de Medine (1991); Vaste est la prison (1995)

10. Jonathan Franzen - United States of America

Language: English

Genres: Novels;Essays

Reference Works: The Corrections (2001); How to be Alone (2002); Freedom (2010)

9. Ismail Kadare - Albania

Language: Albanian, French

Genres: Novels, Poems

Reference Works: Broken April (1978); Dorutine (1980); The Pyramid (1995)

8. Michael Chabon - United States of America

Language: English

Genres: Essays; Poetry; Short Stories

Reference Works: The Amazing Adventures of Cavalier & Clay (2000); The Yiddish Policeman's Union (2007); Maps and Legends (2008)

7. Lyudmila Ulitskaya - Russia

Language: Russian

Genres: Novels, Short Stories

Reference Works:  Sonechka (1995); Kukotsky's Case (2001); Sincerely Yours, Shurik (2003)

6. John Banville - Ireland, Republic of

Language: English

Genres: Novels; Plays; Short Stories

Reference Works:   Birchwood (1973); The Book of Evidence (1989); The Sea (2005)

5. Peter Carey - Australia

Language: English

Genres: Novels; Short Stories

Reference Works: Oscar and Lucinda (1988); Jack Maggs (1998); True History of the Kelly Gang (2001)

4. Michael Ondaatje -Sri Lanka/ Canada

Language:  English

Genres: Novels; Poetry

Reference Works: There's a Trick With a Knife I'm Learning to Do (1979); The English Patient (1992); Anil's Ghost (2000)

3. Tahar Ben Jelloun - Morocco

Language: French

Genres: Novels

Reference Works: L'Enfant De Sable (1985); La Nuit Sacree (1987); Le racisme explique a ma fille (1997)

2. Adam Zagajewski - Poland

Language: Polish

Genres: Poems; Essays

Reference Works: Canvas (1991); Eternal Enemies (2008); Unseen Hand (2009)

1. Vikram Seth - India

Language: English

Genres: Novels; Poetry

Reference Works: A Suitable Boy(1993); All You Who Sleep Tonight (1990); An Equal Music (1999)

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