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Sunday, May 27, 2012

A list about potential future Nobel Prize winners (part IV)

Disclaimer: I'm sure there will be many authors I've missed out simply because I haven't heard of them. It is impossible for me to read anything not published or translated into English or French. Or works that I cannot get a hold of even if translations exist ( the book market in Trinidad is a bit limited. It's not a perfect world). I'm making guesses with the material I have and hopefully the guesses are good. In no particular order:

12.  Thomas Pynchon - United States of America

Language : English

Genres: Short stories; Novels; Essays

Reference Works: V. (1963); The Crying of Lot 49 (1966); Gravity's Rainbow (1974); Mason & Dixon (1997)

11. Martin Amis - England

Language:  English

Genres: Novels; Short Stories, Essays

Reference Works: Other People (1981); Money (1984); Heavy Water and Other Stories (1998)

10. Ngugi wa Thiong'o - Kenya

Language: English, Gikuyu

Genres: Novels, Plays, Short Stories, Essays, Children's books

Reference Works: Weep Not, Child (1964); A Grain of Wheat (1967);I Will Marry When I Want (1977); Decolonizing the Mind:  The Politics of Language in African Literature (1986)

9. Les Murray - Australia

Language : English

Genres: Poems; Essays

Reference Works: The People's Other World (1983); Dog Fox Field(1990); Fredy Neptune (1999)

8. David Dabydeen - Guyana

Language : English

Genres: Poems, Novels

Reference Works: Slave Song (1984); The Intended (1991); A Harlot's Progress (1999)

7. Margaret Atwood - Canada

Language: English

Genres: Poems, Short Stories, Essays, Novels, Children's Books;Libretto

Reference Works: The Handmaid's Tale (1985); Cat's Eye (1988); The Blind Assassin (2000); Morning in the Burned House (1995)

6. Kazuo Ishiguro - Japan/ England

Language : English

Genres: Novels; Short Stories

Reference Works: The Remains of the Day (1989); The Unconsoled (1995); Never Let Me Go (2005)

5. Amos Oz - Israel

Language: Hebrew

Genres: Essays; Short Stories, Novels

Reference Works: Black Box (1987); Fima (1991); A Tale of Love and Darkness (2002)

4.Amitav Ghosh - India

Language: English

Genres: Novels; Essays

Reference Works: The Calcutta Chromosome (1995); The Glass Palace (2000); Sea of Poppies (2011)

3. Peter Handke - Austrian

Language: German

Genres: Novels; Essays; Plays

Reference Works: The Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick (1970);Short Letter, Long Farewell (1972); The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other (1992)

2. Mo Yan- Chinese

Language:  Chinese

Genres: Novels; Short Stories

Reference Works: The Republic of Wine (1992); Big  Breasts and Wide Hips (1996);  Life and Death are Wearing Me Out (2008)

1. Peter Nadas - Hungary

Language : Hungarian

Genres: Short Stories; Novels

Reference Works: A Book of Memories (1986); Love (1999); Parallel Stories (2005)

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