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Saturday, May 26, 2012

A list about potential future Nobel Prize winners (part II)

Disclaimer: I'm sure there will be many authors I've missed out simply because I haven't heard of them. It is impossible for me to read anything not published or translated into English or French. Or works that I cannot get a hold of even if translations exist ( the book market in Trinidad is a bit limited. It's not a perfect world). I'm making guesses with the material I have and hopefully the guesses are good. In no particular order:

12. Ian McEwan - England

Language: English

Genres: Novels; Short Stories; Children's Stories; Plays; Screenplays; Libretto

Reference Works: The Comfort of Strangers (1981); Amsterdam (1988); Atonement (2001);On Chesil Beach (2007)

11. Nuruddin Farah - Somalia

Language: English, Somali

Genres: Novels; Plays; Essays

Reference Works: From A Crooked Rib (1970); A Naked Needle (1976); Variations on  the Theme of An African Dictatorship (trilogy)- 1979-1983

10. Kamau Brathwaite - Barbados

Language: English

Genres: Poems, Plays, Essays

Reference Works:  The Arrivants (1973); Middle Passages (1992);  Born To Slow Horses (2005)

9. Paul Auster - United States of America

Language: English, French

Genres: Poetry, Plays, Novels, Essays, Screenplays

Reference Works: The Invention of Solitude (1982);The  Music of Chance (1990); Sunset Park (2010)

8. Cees Nooteboom - Netherlands

Language: Dutch

Genres: Novels, Short Stories, Travel Writing, Poetry, Essays

Reference Works: Rituelen (1980); Het Volgende Verhaal (1991); Nootebooms Hotel (2002)

7.  Cormac McCarthy - United States of America

Language: English

Genres: Novels; Plays, Screenplays

Reference Works: Suttree (1979); Blood Meridian or the Evening Redness in the West (1985); No Country for Old Men (2005); The Road (2006)

6. Philip Roth -  United States of America

Language: English

Genres: Novels, Essays

Reference Works: Portnoy's Complaint (1969); Zuckerman Bound (1985); American Pastoral (1997); The Human Stain (2000)

5. Ko Un - South Korea (Republic of Korea)

Language: Korean

Genres: Poetry, Essays, Novels, Plays,

Reference Works: The Sound of My Waves (1991); Ten Thousand Lives (2005); Flowers of a Moment (2006)

4. Umberto Eco - Italy

Language: Italian

Genres: Essays, Novels, Children's Books

Reference Works: The Name of the Rose (1983), Foucault's Pendulum (1989); The Infinity of Lists (2009)

3. Salman Rushdie - England/ India

Language:  English

Genres: Novels, Essays

Reference Works: Midnight's Children (1981); The Ground Beneath Her Feet (1999); Shalimar the Clown (2005)

2. William Trevor - Ireland

Language : English

Genres: Novels, Short Stories, Plays

Reference Works: The Old Boys (1964); Angels at the Ritz and Other Stories (1975); Fools of Fortune (1983)

1. Javier Marias - Spain

Language : Spanish

Genres: Novels

Reference Works: A Heart So White (1995); Dark Back of Time (1998); Your Face Tomorrow 2: Dance and Dream (2006)

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